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Lincoln Park Library
1150 W. Fullerton
Chicago IL 

January 28, 2017
Living Trusts
2-3 PM

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Skokie Public Library
Powers of Attorney
August 2016

Lincoln Park Library
Powers of Attorney
July 2016

Lincoln Park Library
Pet Trusts
May 2016

Evanston Public Library
North Branch and South Branch
Powers of Attorney
November 2015

Pauline G. Dembicki
Attorney at Law

Pauline G. Dembicki is an attorney in private practice in Evanston, Illinois with thirty years of experience.  Her areas of practice include:  estate planning, wills, trusts, pre-nuptials, elder law, powers of attorney, probate and trust administration, guardianship administration and related contested matters.
Areas of Practice:         Wills


Powers of Attorney

Probate Court

Elder Law

Guardianship Court

Our clients are:




                                    Agents under Powers of Attorney

                                  And more.

Attorney Introduction

For the last thirty years, I have practiced law in Evanston, Illinois.  Without a doubt, it is the most challenging and the most satisfying work. 

The practice of law comes down to two basic issues: planning and crisis management.  Planning is superior by far.  In too many instances, crisis management can be heart breaking.  

Planning has become music to my ears.  While some plans, like powers of attorney will not be used, it is wiser to plan ahead.  

I invite you to meet with me to explore how we can arrange your estate according to your wishes and decisions. Examine wills, trusts, powers of attorney, pet trusts, and prenuptial agreements. 

Our clients live and work in Chicago, Evanston, Wilmette, Skokie, Morton Grove, Northbrook, Mount Prospect, Niles and more.  We represent clients from out of Illinois.  We attend court primarily in Cook County and Lake County. Many clients live out of state. 

You may contact the office at 847-650-6850 to set up an initial appointment.  Or, you can send an e-mail to
We can meet with you in Evanston, your home or in some instances at a residential facility.  

Thank you.

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